At last, creative awards without restrictions, categories, crazy fees or complicated submission processes.

Funny things awards. You love them, you hate them, you find them complicated to enter, they take too much time, your work doesn’t really fit into any of the set categories, the judges are biased, the work is not real, the big boys buy their way in, we’ve seen that work before, they are too expensive, there are too many of them, they don’t matter.

We want to change your perceptions and provide you with a real platform to be able to prove that not only is your work the very best of its kind, but also its truly the Best of British. We’ve taken down all of the usual barriers to entry, made the process simpler, altered the way we approach the programme and retained all of the good bits from Fresh. Our refresh is all about continued transparency, celebrating great work and our listen rather than lecture policy has been fundamental in bringing us to this new phase of Fresh. Welcome to the UK’s Best Creative Department.