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What's Fresh This Week? 30 April 2018

Here at Fresh we are passionate about creativity in all disciplines and genres and our different brands recognise unique talent, fresh thinking and innovation, and with the increasing popularity of film and online video content, we are really enthusiastic about our new venture The Fresh Film Awards.
Celebrating everything from amazing ads to perfectly pitched product placement, this International Competition invites you to challenge our jury with your creativity. And a pretty amazing jury we have too, just take a look at the line up on the Awards site. 

Normally at Fresh when we have asked for category suggestions, especially when it comes to TV and Film, we get inundated. Categories for a 10 second ident that only features coffee is just one example, and in all fairness we couldn't really give everyone the opportunities to be recognised before in this genre, but now we can. 

If you think about some of our favourite TV staples such as the Great British Bake Off, you will know that Channel 4 poached the series for some £75m but it was a decent gamble as the first episode was watched by 11 millions viewers, a real scoop for Channel 4.

Lyle's Golden Syrup and Dr. Oetker both benefited as sponsors with some great creative idents throughout and although their product placement is not obvious, the brand association has been strong.

Product placement is no longer just about props used to make shows more realistic. It is now more about bespoke deals that mix on-screen exposure with tactical multichannel brand executions, and you only have to look at ITV - they have been running product placement in Coronation Street and Emmerdale for the past six years.

Most of us are very aware that when we talk about Product Placement, we tend to think about films and the brands that have been associated with them. For example, the appearance of Reese's Pieces in 'E.T.' increased Hershey's profits by over 65% following the release of the film, which is pretty impressive, and if you think about 'Castaway' with Tom Hanks, then you will automatically think about Fedex.

Staying with Mr Hanks, 'Toy Story's' inclusion of an Etch-A-Sketch boosted sales by an amazing 4,500% and Mr. Potato Head sales saw an 800% increase. Wow! 

More recent examples include companies like Quicken Loans Inc, making its debut on the big screen by landing a deal with Marvel Studios to place its Rocket Mortgage app in "Avengers: Infinity War."

The Detroit-based mortgage company's product placement occurs in the opening scene of the superhero movie, and is part of the company's co-branded television commercial featuring a woman walking down the street using the mortgage app, smiling and seemingly oblivious to the fiery mayhem taking place around her.

This is the sort of creativity that Fresh is looking to recognise with the Film Awards, so get online and get creative with your thinking. 

Product Placement isn't just about James Bond and Aston Martin anymore.... 

Entries close 20 June.

What's Fresh This Week.....

Some exciting news to share with some new initiatives coming soon from the Fresh Creative Awards.

First up, following the passion of one of the Fresh Team we are pleased to announce that the inaugural Fresh Fashion Awards will be coming very soon, recognising creativirty in Fashion and Design for the Catwalk.

Created to help both aspiring and established designers shine, Fresh Fashion will recognise those innovators who contribute to this amazing industry. We're keeping this very much concentrated around the Best of British to showcase our home grown and emerging talent in the UK.

With more of an international twist, but aligned more strongly with the existing Fresh Creative Awards, is the Fresh Film Awards which in addition to recognising online films, commercials, idents and product placement in films.

Advertising and promotion is so focused on moving images that Fresh has decided to celebrate this important genre with a programme of its own and in early May once we have our fab jury in place, look out for details of the Fresh Film Awards, and a night dedicated to cinema style experience. 

Last but not least, Fresh Adventures will soon be up and running once again, allowing the Creative Industry to experience a whole host of worldwide adventures in the company of like minded people, and hosted by some true industry leaders.

Want to keep it Fresh and Innovative? 

Keep checking back for more details......

The 2018 Fresh #BestofBritish Results friday 9 March 2018

Congratulations to all of the winners from Fresh 2018 and for all of those who couldn't make the event, please see listed the full show including the results....

Just in case, each of the nominations is detailed by genre and then the awards detailed.

And for anyone who would rather just see the list, then here it is!

#BestofBritish Results 2018

Big F
· Tinker Taylor PFNI #WeAre Campaign GOLD

· Tinker Taylor PFNI #WeAre Campaign GOLD
· Tinker Taylor Believe in Blue SILVER
· Turner Duckworth Burger King Holiday 2017 (Poster)

· Magpie Studio Rules of Magic SILVER
· Music Music 10th Birthday Invite SILVER
· Milk & Honey PR Corlytics: Birth of a Power Brand BRONZE
· Baxter and Bailey Brighton Women’s Centre
· Baxter and Bailey Oxford University Press
· The Common Room A Peep Inside The Common Room
· Turner Duckworth D&AD President's Dinner Invite

· Tinker Taylor Believe in Blue GOLD
· Magpie Studio Lovat SILVER
· interabang Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur BRONZE
· ArthurSteenHorneAdamson PEEL Exploring Self Identity
· Paul Greer Design Sunny Brow Nursery School Brochures
· interabang Royal Mail Classic Toys Stamps
· Williams Murray Hamm Aberlour (Illustration)

· Magpie Studio Bandido Coffee GOLD
· Jack Renwick Studio Millbank Farm SILVER
· ArthurSteenHorneAdamson League Against Cruel Sports
· NB Studio Typo Circle
· The Chase Elephant in the Room
· The Chase The Wood that Doesn’t Look Like an Elephant
· True North Storyhouse

· Jack Renwick Studio Wide Horizons GOLD
· True North Warmest Wishes BRONZE
· Turner Duckworth Burger King Holiday 2017

Home Made (Physical)
· Magpie Studio Bandido Coffee (Cup) GOLD
· interabang GREK Tea SILVER
· interabang Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur BRONZE
· Elmwood Uniquely J - The unexpected everyday
· The Chase The Wood that Doesn’t Look Like an Elephant
· Turner Duckworth Burger King Holiday 2017

Moving Images (Films)
· Tinker Taylor Believe in Blue GOLD
· Tinker Taylor PFNI #WeAre Campaign SILVER
· Greenroom Films Highland Spring
· Greenroom Films Harder - Domestic Violence, ASC

Performancehas now changed to Words in recognition of some great copy
· Jack Renwick Studio Millbank Farm SILVER
· Music Music 10th Birthday Invite SILVER
· Elmwood Every China Shop BRONZE
· NB Studio Jambo! BRONZE
· Baxter and Bailey Brighton Women’s Centre

There are no nominations in this category

Weird & Wonderful
· NB Studio The Gin Hub SILVER
· True North This is the Place SILVER
· NB Studio Jambo! BRONZE
Mytton Williams Ink Posters

Very well done indeed to all of the winners and for those who didn't make the journey your trophies are here at Fresh Towers, safe and sound!

The Fresh Creative Awards #BestofBritish Nominations 2 February 2018

#BestofBritish Nominations 2018

Images Coming Soon....

· Tinker Taylor Believe in Blue
· Tinker Taylor PFNI #WeAreFathers
· Tinker Taylor PFNI #WeAreGranddaughters
· Tinker Taylor PFNI #WeAreMothers
· Turner Duckworth Burger King Holiday 2017 (Poster)

· Baxter and Bailey Brighton Women’s Centre
· Baxter and Bailey Oxford University Press
· Magpie Studio Rules of Magic
· Milk & Honey PR Corlytics: Birth of a Power Brand
· Music Music 10th Birthday Invite
· The Common Room A Peep Inside The Common Room
· Turner Duckworth D&AD President's Dinner Invite

· ArthurSteenHorneAdamson PEEL Exploring Self Identity
· Paul Greer Design Sunny Brow Nursery School Brochures
· interabang Royal Mail Classic Toys Stamps
· interabang Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
· Magpie Studio Lovat
· Tinker Taylor Believe in Blue
· Williams Murray Hamm Aberlour (Illustration)

· ArthurSteenHorneAdamson League Against Cruel Sports
· Jack Renwick Studio Millbank Farm
· Magpie Studio Bandido Coffee (Cup)
· NB Studio NYC Type Directors Club Exhibition Poster
· The Chase Elephant in the Room
· The Chase The Wood that Doesn’t Look Like an Elephant
· True North Storyhouse

· Jack Renwick Studio Wide Horizons
· True North Warmest Wishes
· Turner Duckworth Burger King Holiday 2017

Home Made (Physical)
· Elmwood Uniquely J - The unexpected everyday
· interabang Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
· interabang GREK Tea
· Magpie Studio Bandido Coffee (Cup)
· The Chase The Wood that Doesn’t Look Like an Elephant
· Turner Duckworth Burger King Holiday 2017

Moving Images (Films)
· Greenroom Films Highland Spring
· Greenroom Films Harder - Domestic Violence, ASC
· Tinker Taylor Believe in Blue
· Tinker Taylor PFNI #WeAre Campaign

Performancehas now changed to Words in recognition of some great copy
· Baxter and Bailey Brighton Women’s Centre
· Elmwood Every China Shop
· Jack Renwick Studio Millbank Farm
· Music Music 10th Birthday Invite
· NB Studio Jambo!

There are no nominations in this category

Weird & Wonderful
· Mytton Williams Ink Posters
· NB Studio Jambo!
· NB Studio The Gin Hub
True North This is the Plac

What's Fresh this Week? 29 January 2018

So judging is complete and the results are in...but you will have to wait until this Friday to find out if you have been shortlisted....

.....please check back on Friday 2 February for the full list of nominations for #Fresh2018 #BestofBritish....

What's Fresh? Week Commmencing 15 Janaury 2018

Well, it's nearly here the deadline for Fresh 2018 is this have been warned. We can't be our usual gracious selves as we are judging the following week in London so if you are late, you are late...

Talking of judges we have some amazing people on our line up this year again as we search for the Best of British Creativity, including some new additions to the panel.

Time to shine, time to get creative and time to showcase the amazing talent being displayed in the UK everyday - and time to challenge our jury with your astounding work...

Garry Blackburn Rose Design
Sarah Boris Creative
Bil Bungay BMB Agency
Ben Casey The Chase
Mark Denton Coy! Communications
Simon Elliott Rose Design
Ricardo Figueira Saatchi
Nick Finney NB studio
Will Francis Vandal London
Graham Goodkind Frank PR
Caraline Brown PR
Rob Howsam Creative
Julian Cirrone M&C Saatchi PR
Tomas Marcenaro Unilever
Craig Oldham Office of Craig
Stuart Radford The Partners
Jack Renwick Jack Renwick Studio
Rodrigo Sobral RGA
Adam Rix Music Agency
Ben Christie Magpie Studio
Dan Cresta The7stars
Mark Glynne-Jones The Vital Agency
Linda Wisdom Linda Wisdom Photography
David Jenkinson Elmwood
Matt Baxter Baxter and Bailey
Simon Stabler Best of British Magazine
Joe Pidgeon Best of Britannia
Gill Gershwin Best of British Beer
Remco Graham Now
Vineet Raheja Connect
Deadline 19 January 2018

What's Fresh This Week? 8 January 2018

Just two weeks to the deadline for Fresh 2018 and entries are coming in thick and fast which is great, as well celebrate the #BestofBritish Creativity.

Although we are keen to continue our traditions of welcoming amazing Advertising, Craft, Communications, Design, and Experiential, we are still keen to look at Home Made, Innovation, Moving Images, Performance, Spacial and lastly the Weird & Wonderful.

If you are a great blogger, make and design your own jewellery, give outstanding performances or have invented something fantastic then Fresh is the stage for you to be recognised upon.

We have a great history in this country of coming up with great ideas and some of the simple things we take for granted these days, such as Apps, Wifi and even the Internet all started somewhere so its time for your to claim your place in history.

Back in 1892 Sir James Dewer invented the Thermos Flask and this humble invention was the brainchild of Sir James who was an eminent professor of chemistry at Cambridge and a leading light of the Royal Institution. He didn’t invent it to keep tea hot on picnics (that was a happy by-product), but to help his experiments on cooling gases, like air and oxygen, to such low temperatures that they would liquefy.

Where would we all be without light bulbs, and cheap and reliable electric lighting was a holy grail for 19th-century inventors. Thomas Edison didn't get there first, as he was beaten by to it by Britain’s very own Joseph Swan. Swan got his patent – and started manufacturing and selling his bulbs – in 1880 and although the first bulbs lasted little more than 12 hours but, unlike gas lamps, there was no flame or dirty smoke and they soon caught on. 

We all love chocolate, but did you know that the first chocolate bar was created by JS Fry & Sons of Bristol, back in 1847. It was sold to the public as chocolate and until then chocolate had been exclusively consumed as a drink.

Our television viewing habits might have changed significantly in recent years but where would we be with out John Logie Bard? It’s hard to credit just one person with the invention, but it’s indisputable that John Logie Baird was the first to transmit moving pictures back in October 1925.

The power outages that used to occur when the whole nation used to use the Ad breaks to make a cuppa may be a thing of the past but the automatic kettle – one that switches itself off when the water reaches boiling point – was the brainchild of Peter Hobbs, one of the two founders of appliance company Russell Hobbs in 1955.

All great and truly brilliant Fresh ideas and that's what we would like to see at Fresh 2018. Make your own history and enter today. Don't forget the 19 Jan deadline. 

Happy New Year from Fresh!

Happy New Fresh Year everyone and let's make sure we kick start the new year in style, by celebrating the very Best of British.

British creativity remains centre stage in this our amazing nation and here & now we'd like to remind you that our deadline for entries this year is not that far away, just 19 January to get your work into the competition that extends beyond just the traditional advertising and design.

We truly want to ensure that we shout about the great creativity being produced in the UK and recognise the very people who are dreaming up and delivering great ideas on a daily basis. 

From innovative graffiti to effective advertising, superb screen and stage work to awe inspiring apps and from fashion to food, if its started here in the UK, then lets celebrate the great work and creativity of our wonderful and talented people.

In the UK, creativity is very much defined by its outside way of thinking and collaborations, be they standard or unusual. There are an estimated 1.2bn people on the planet , speaking or learning to speak English, and the UK has both a long history of international trade and a vibrant, multi-cultural population who understand the great opportunities this county has to offer.

This is not about Brexit, this about the UK and our fabulous skills in the the creative marketplace as we are really are the world leaders in everything from brilliant ideas to the baffling and wondrous.

You don't have to be a business to enter, you don't even have to work in the creative industries, but your ideas matter and count so even if you have had a cracker of an idea this last year then why not show it off and compete with some of the existing creative companies who like getting Fresh each year.

It truly will be a Happy New Year and let's make the Best of British our mantra for 2018. Check out the website for additional information.

What's Fresh This Week? 16 October 2017

So, the new website is up and running, the new disciplines have been added and we have now booked the venue for judging in January so all that remains is for us to get some amazing talent lined up for the jury.

When it comes to Advertising, Design, Moving Image and PR we don't feel like we will have too much trouble, but for some of the other disciplines this time around, we know that we will need to really discover the trailblazers and those making waves in theatre, in blogging and innovation. 

Being the Best of British is not to be taken lightly and if anyone can quite believe it, it's been five years since the London Olympics and the Jubilee when the Nation's patriotism really seemed in abundance. Now with everything post Brexit (and we are as fed up with mentioning Brexit as you re about hearing it we promise) there is a great opportunity to really shout about our enormous talent in creative industries.

However you voted, one thing is clear – Britain now has the opportunity to build a different kind of economy and one that pays homage to one its best strengths - and lets face it, we are pretty strong when it comes to talent in creativity from pop stars like Adele, to Directors like Danny Boyle. 

So our search is on. For if we are going to discover the innovators and game changers, the thought leaders and inventors, the talented, the professionals and the people whose work we can dare to dream of creating, we need astounding talented individuals of our own to judge. 

This is a little like Britain's Got Talent we guess, but better. This is not about show business or razzmatazz - this about giving those whose work is worthy a world stage on which to showcase their work and to make a different whilst flying the flag for the UK.

We're on it!

The Fresh Creative Awards : Best of British

Welcome back to Fresh and our new look and our new mission to make sure that the UK remains centre stage when it comes to creativity. 

The UK's creative industries continue to outgrow the rest of the economy, and in 2015 an astonishing £87.4bn was contributed to the value of the county and the drive to encourage more UK exports, including by creative businesses, continues as part of the GREAT Britain campaign.

The UK's creativity is defined by its willingness to embrace change, look at new ideas and welcome collaboration -and here at Fresh, we have for over a decade celebrated innovation and creativity in Advertising, Broadcast, Creativity, Communications, Design, Digital, Marketing, Media and Public Relations but the lines between these genres are increasingly blurred which is why last season we ditched our entry categories – why pigeon hole your creativity and ideas? 

In an ever-evolving world, our competition is also changing and Fresh 2018 wants to celebrate truly the best of British, keep our creative flag flying and ensure that the UK retains its position as the worldwide centre for astounding ideas and jaw dropping innovation. 

We’ve changed our top ten policy from last year (it didn't really work and we are all in need of a bloody good do) so let’s celebrate the best ideas and really go to town in finding the best and most creative ideas we can.

Yes, we are all about the red white and blue, but we are back to gold, silver and bronze and we will be adorning our winners in the following disciplines Advertising, Craft, Communications, Design, Experiential, Home Made, Innovation, Moving Images, Performance, Spacial and lastly the Weird & Wonderful. 

If you have anything at all that falls within our blurred genres we’d love to celebrate it with you – and even if it doesn’t, we still want to recognise the weird and wonderful. 

Great Judges (and the invitation are just going out), no categories, one fee covers unlimited entries, and a great event to look forward to. 

We are Great Britain. Are you the Best of British?

What's Fresh? 24 February 2017

The new look Fresh Awards celebrated the winners last night at Bloomsbury’s Congress Centre in London with the presentation of just 10 trophies for outstanding creativity and the majority of the accolades were awarded for Design Projects, despite the multi-disciplined nature of the competition.

The unique trophies were specially commissioned for the Awards with bronze casting and engraving on each in addition to the traditional Big F trophy which is held by the overall winner for just one year.

Greg Clark and the team at Uber designed the new trophies along with the creative treatment for the programme this year.

Studio Sutherl& picked up three awards and the coveted Big F for the best overall submission for Boxes in Boxes, whilst work for the Typo Circle Identity & 40th and the Agatha Christie Stamps were also recognised.

GBH Design and The Partners each won two trophies with Fuel for Fans, the PUMA Non-Corporate Box, The Typefaces Children’s Book and the Visual Identity Conducted by Sir Simon Rattle respectively.

Design projects by Magpie Studios and NB Studios were also awarded, whilst Grey London won the only Advertising oriented award of the night for the Tate 500 Years of Stories.

Special Recognition was also given to the Jeremy Deller for the #WeAreHere Project which last July saw thousands of men aged between 16-40, move commuters to tears as 'ghost soldiers' dressed in First World War uniform broke out into a poignant anthem sung by British soldiers during the Battle of the Somme. 

This award is part of the bigger picture of Fresh to truly embrace British Creativity and make the entire UK the world’s best creative department, recognising all forms of unique and innovative creativity, irrespective of discipline.

Recognition was also made to several outstanding PR Campaigns and Digital Projects, which although not in receipt of one of the final 10 trophies, were earmarked as being outstanding in their own respective disciplines.

Relaunched late last year, Fresh has ripped up the rule book when it comes to awards by abolishing all categories in order not to pigeon hole creativity, and making the event invitation only to dispel any cynicism about excessive ticket prices for attending awards ceremonies. 

A small exhibition, allowing anyone with a passion for creativity to get up close and personal with the winning and shortlisted work, will be starting next month and travelling around the country.

This exhibition also invites anyone locally with a great idea to come and pitch it to our panels “Dragons Den” style and any truly inspirational ideas will be helped to source funding to make the projects a reality.

Congratulations to the success stories of 2017:

GBH Design | Fuel for Fans

Client: Fuel for Fans (Online F1 Website)

Credits: GBH London: Creative Director: Peter Hale. Creative Director: Mark Bonner. Designer: Guy Smith. Designer: Eddie Fowler. Project Manager: Greg Nicholls.

Grey London | Tate 500 Years of Stories

Client: Tate London

Credits: ECD- Dominic Goldman, CD- Dominic Goldman, PRODUCER- Rose Percy, CREATIVES- Lex Down/ Jamie Starbuck/ Tracey Emin/Peter Gatley, DESIGNER- Nils Leonard, CCO- Nils Leonard, BUSINESS DIRECTOR- Henry Debenham, PLANNING DIRECTOR- Ruth Chadwick

GBH Design | PUMA Non Corporate Box
Client: Puma/Arsenal FC

Credits: GBH London: Creative Director: Mark Bonner. Design Director: Dave Wood. Designer: Jack Mercer. Senior Project Manager: Louisa Neale.

Standard 8: Production / Installation.

Olly Redding: Model Making.

Magpie Studio | The Den
Project: The Den Client: Morgans Hotel Group 
Launch date: September 2015 Creative Director: David Azurdia, Ben Christie Client Service Director: Kate Azurdia Designer: Ben Christie, Tim Donaldson, Mike Fischer, Hannah Muddle Project Manager: Natasha Sutton 3D Artist: Sebastian J Pedley Artists: Mick Brownfield, Fritha Fischer

NB Studio | Ravensbourne
Client: Ravensbourne University

Credits: Creative Direction – Nick Finney, Strategy – Dan Radley, Account Direction and Strategy – Tom Moloney, Senior Design – Jamie Breach, Design – Ed Cornish, Typography – Kostas Bartsokas

Studio Sutherl& | Agatha Christie Stamps

Client: Royal Mail

Credits: Design Studio, Studio Sutherl& Client, Royal Mail Stamps & Collectibles Creative Director, Jim Sutherland, Illustrator, Neil Webb @ Début Art, Designer, Alice Tosey, Design Manager, Dean Price

Studio Sutherl& | Boxes in Boxes

Client: Self Promotion for Boss Box
Credits: Design Studio, Studio Sutherl&, Creative Director, Jim Sutherland, Designer, Alice Tosey, Production, Boss Box, Paper, Fedrigoni

Studio Sutherl&, NB Studio and the Typographic Circle

Typo Circle Identity & 40th Anniversary Book

Client: The Typographic Circle

Credits: Design Studios, Studio Sutherl&, NB Studio, Bateson Studio, Creative Directors, Jim Sutherland, Alan Dye, John Bateson, Designers, Alice Tosey, Olly St John, Logotype Typographer, Dalton Maag, Research, Sallyanne Theodosiou, Writer, Lynda Relph-Knight, Paper, GF Smith, Print, Gavin Martin Colournet, Production, Whybrow, The Typographic Circle committee, Alan Dye, John Bateson, Val Kildea, Louise Sloper, Sallyanne Theodosiou, Antony Long, Dominic Lippa, Jim Sutherland, Olly St John, Alex Hough

The Partners | Typefaces Children’s Book
Client: The Typefaces
Credits for Typefaces: ECD: Greg Quinton, Design Director: Scott Lambert, Creative consultants: Sam Hall and George McIntosh

The Partners | Visual Identity Conducted by Sir Simon Rattle

Client: LSO

Credits for LSO: Branding Agency: The Partners, Creative Director: Stuart Radford, Senior Designer: Marc Spicer, Account Director: Suzanne Neal, Digital Artist: Tobias Gremmler, Motion capture: University of Portsmouth and Vicon Motion Systems, Musician photography: Ranald Mackechnie, LSO: Edward Appleyard (Project Lead), Karen Cardy

Thank you to all of our great entrants into the 2017 Fresh Awards, and a big thanks to our judges. The judging process was tough but please find below the list of all those who made it through.

Hope & Glory
We've Got a Workout for That 
Visualising the Voice for Barclays

GBH Design
BMW FlyTime
Fuel for Fans
PUMA non Corporate Box

Grey London
Tate 500 Year of Stories 

Jack Renwick Studio
 Carpenters Wharf Brand Identity 

Magpie Studio
Asia De Cuba 
The Den

NB Studio

Rose Design
English National Opera Posters

Splendid Communications
Cats vs Cucumbers

Studio Sutherl&
Agatha Cristie Stamps
Boxes in Boxes 
The Graphic Lexicon

Studio Sutherl& and NB Studio and The Typographic Circle
Typo Circle Identity & 40th Anniversary Book

The Chase

The Partners
Typefaces Childrens Book
Visual Identity Conducted by Sir Simon Rattle

Unit 9
Star Wars: Lightsaber Escape 
Samsung VR Bedtime Stories

What's Fresh this Week? 30 January 2017

Welcome to another week and that's it, we have completed the judging. We were going to announce the finalists tomorrow, 31 January, but please bear with us until Friday, as it was slightly more complicated than we imagined to collate the results.

The event itself is invitation only and we'll be sharing details in a few days so in the meantime, please enjoy some of the photos from judging and look out for news coming soon.

What's Fresh This Week? 23 January 2017

Welcome to another week and it's judging week here at Fresh.

We'll be tweeting lots from judging which starts in earnest on Wednesday so do please feel free to join in the conversation and if you haven't yet checked out our amazing juries it's time to take a look - its a pretty incredible list.

In a note to all entrants this week, please be on standby - there is every chance that you will get a phone call or two from the judges or Fresh team at some point during judging. Checking facts, asking questions and sometimes, just wanting to know what on earth you were thinking! 

As you can imagine, we are surrounded by boxes and parcels so we're keeping it short and sweet this week and again, good luck!

What's Fresh This Week? 16 January 2017

Welcome to another week and this really is your last chance to enter as Friday is the final day we can accept entries online and your physical work must be with us no later than Monday 23 January.

Judging starts in earnest on Wednesday 25 January so the Fresh team will be spending all of Tuesday displaying all of the magnificent entries we have had in.

Just in case you wondered, as we have no categories this time round, judging is going to be very interesting this time round.

Every judge will have the opportunity to see every entry, irrespective of discipline and the Wednesday is when our judges review the entries and allocate them to their respective juries.

Thursday is the day when the judges really then get down to business and start to save those entries which they feel are strong - and remember we only have 10 awards in Fresh this year.

Friday, each jury will create a case to the rest of the judges for why work in their particular discipline should win and in the words of The Kaiser Chiefs iconic song, I predict a riot.

It is of course pretty hard to judge like for like when for example you are championing a cracking PR Entry against a brilliant TV Ad or beautifully designed brochure.

That's why it's been so important to get a fantastic set of judges in place so each can not only make an informed choice about the final 10 winners, but can also present their case with confidence to fellow industry professionals.

One thing is for sure though. If you are one of the final 10 winners, you can be exceptionally proud knowing that you have beaten off some pretty stiff competition and impressed some incredible people.

Good luck

Paula Kelsey, Fresh Founder

What's Fresh This Week? 3 January 2017

Happy New Year to all of the amazing people working in Advertising, Broadcast, Craft, Design, Digital, Media, PR and Communications. 

If you want to kick off your 2017 in style then what better way to start than by entering Fresh. 

We've worked really hard to make the awards completely different to any other programmes up and running in the UK including a simpler entry process, no categories to pigeon hole your creativity, fantastic judges and a platform that doesn't just allow the big boys to buy the results.

We want to change your perceptions and provide you with a real platform to be able to prove that not only is your work the very best of its kind, but also its truly the Best of British. We’ve taken down all of the usual barriers to entry, made the process simpler, altered the way we approach the programme and retained all of the good bits from Fresh. Our refresh is all about continued transparency, celebrating great work and our listen rather than lecture policy has been fundamental in bringing us to this new phase of Fresh. Welcome to the UK’s Best Creative Department. 

The deadline for entries is 13 January 2017 so if you have yet to discover how to make your New Year Fresh & exciting then now is the time, this is the here & now....

What's 17 November 2016

Our countdown to deadline is well and truly underway and we're pleased to announce the Digital Jury is now confirmed. Headed by Rodrigo Sobral from R/GA London. As Vice President and Executive Creative Director, he leads the agency's creative vision alongside his partner James Temple and provides thought and innovation leadership for its clients. He joined R/GA in 2013, with focus on developing Broadcast and Campaigns capabilities, as well as a bold creative vision to realise the agency’s ambition of becoming an integrated agency.

As a result of his successful leadership he has seen R/GA London double in size, win accounts like Nike, Google and be named Agency of the Year by Creative Review, AdAge and Campaign Magazine. During this time he also won a Gold Integrated Lion in Cannes, a Clio Film Grand Prix, three D&AD pencils between other major awards - a clear confirmation of the fully integrated approach Rodrigo believes in.

Rod is also a founding member of R/GA Los Angeles (Hustle) and Global Executive Creative Director on the Beats By Dr. Dre account. He led the development of the acclaimed Beats Pills, Hear What You Want and The Game Before The Game campaigns, helping the brand to become the #1 headphone in North America and Europe in advance of its acquisition by Apple for 3 billion dollars.

Prior to R/GA Rod was the Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of the Mill Digital and before the Mill, he was a Creative Director at AKQA where he developed the prestigious Lace Up Save Lives, Nike Football+, Nike Supersonic campaigns and won a Titanium Lion for the Write The Future campaign.

Over the last two decades, Rodrigo has been responsible for creating films and campaigns that move with culture and for designing genuinely useful products and services for leading global brands. He works by shaping a multi-disciplinary environment and his integrated approach to communications opens up fresh possibilities for brands and agencies thirsty for innovation.

Rodrigo has been recognized nationally and internationally by every major industry award show including 10 Cannes Lions, 5 D&AD Pencils and 4 Grand Prix in other major awards. He served as jury in awards and has been profiled as Top 20 Creative Players in Brazil by Meio & Mensagem in 2008, named in the top 20 Creative Directors in the UK by Campaign magazine in 2014 and named ‘Hot 100” by the British Interactive Media Association in 2015 - the annual showcase of the digital industry's brightest stars.

Joining Rod is Duan Evans, ECD at AKQA. A leading industry creative talent with over twenty years' experience. Promoted to ECD in 2011 Duan has been with AKQA since 2000 working across a hugely diverse range of AKQA clients including Xbox and Nike creating world renowned work, winning a multitude of international awards, and helping build a creative team that is second-to-none.

Ricardo Figueira, ECD, at Saatchi and Saatchi is also on board for the first time. In December 2015 Ricardo joined Saatchi & Saatchi as Digital Executive Creative Director. Previous to this, at JWT London, he ran a very diversified international team, developing innovative, integrated and digital communication/solutions for Global, European and British markets for almost 4 years
Ricardo is Brazilian and in 2010 moved from Sao Paolo to London to join Glue Isobar as Creative Director for Global Clients. Before that he was Creative Vice President for Isobar Latin America, partner and Creative leader of AgenciaClick, the biggest Brazilian digital agency that featured the 6th position in the Global Gunn Report. There he led more than 120 people in the creative team for more than 10 years.
Figueira has already won more than 100 international awards, including seven Cannes Lions, several One Show pencils, Clio, LIAA, etc. He also created the world’s first interactive cinema for Fiat that was elected The Idea of the year in Venice Festival of Media and Innovation. He has worked with clients like Adidas, Coca-Cola, MSN, Visa, American Express, Nestle, J&J, Shell, Unilever, Fiat, Nokia, Sky, HSBC and many others.
Figueira was jury member of Cannes Festival, The One Show, Clio, The NY Festival, Art Director Club NY, London International Awards and D&AD twice, representing Brazil and UK. In 2005 he was nominated creative of the year in Brazil by MSN/M&M, but being father to Joao Pedro and Estela is his proudest job. Ricardo was born in Brasilia, the Brazilian capital designed by Oscar Niemeyer, where he studied Graphic Design and co-founded his very first creative hot shop in 1997.
Piero Frescobaldi, Chairman and Founder, Unit9
Will Francis, Speaker & Digital Commentator is back with us again this time round. Writer, speaker & commentator on technology and culture. Author of Cocktails of the Movies. Will is a Founder of Vandal London, formerly Editor of MySpace UK and founder of Harkable. Listed by Telegraph, Independent, NMA as a top technology and media influencer. He's also a really nice chap!
Julie Seal, Creative Director, Creative Shop Facebook & Instagram is a new addition to Fresh this year and her career began with a gin and tonic, a good bra and a motorbike, (though not in the way you might expect). And she has since bounced between every type of advertising finally landing as Creative Director in agencies such as Sunshine, R/GA and Mother, before becoming Creative Strategist at Facebook & Instagram. She works in their Creative Shop helping brands and ad agencies to make their ads better on the platforms. Though her job is like being a mini ad agency in a single person – and as such, it's ridiculously good fun. On the side she writes plays, screenplays, short stories and books, overly-instagrams her dog, and runs a supperclub for singles in her home in Brockley.
 Also on board for the first time is Eloise Smith, ECD, Mullen Lowe Profero.Since joining Lowe Profero in Jan 2014, which is now part of the Lowe network, she has won a raft of awards, created a 360º global campaign for the Syfy Channel, built a tweeting teapot, hired some lovely new people and had record profits. She has worked across digital, integrated and ATL agencies, from start ups to big networks, on everything from FMCG, to cars, to retail, to fashion. A a member of the BIMA executive board, speaker at SheSays, juror on D&AD, Eurobest and Creative Circle, we look forward to Eloise being on board with Fresh.
Piero Frescobaldi, Chairman and Founder, Unit9. One of the leading multidisciplinary production companies working in different interactive areas: films, games, virtual reality and digital technology. Founded in 1997, UNIT9 operates globally with offices in London, Los ... Area served. Global. Key people. Founders: Piero Frescobaldi Tom Sacchi Yates Buckley.
Tomas Marcenaro, Rexona Global VP, Unilever is also on board just to make sure we have some client input as well so look out world, its a first class jury all the way!

Now, Here & Now, we need to let you know how to submit entries to suitably dazzle our amazing digital jury...

It's actually really simple

Enter Online
Title of Entry & a Screen Grab
Upload a 3 Slide PPT/Deck

Page One, Title/URL, few details
Page Two, Images/Screen Shots/Branding
Page Three, Summary, Results, Outcome

Don't forget if any sites are password protected or have limited access you will need to let us know! 

What's Frsh This Week? 7 November 2016

Along with ditching the categories and most of the boring criteria associated with awards, we've made a couple of additions as well including a change to judging at Fresh.

A couple of weeks ago we bought you up to date with the Design Jury and now its time to talk about the craft jury which is being chaired by Ben Casey from The Chase. Ben doesn't really need an introduction and unless you have been hiding under a rock within the industry, you will know Ben and his amazing reputation.

Joining Ben is Garry Blackburn from Rose Design. Garry specialises in helping brands create and develop enduring and memorable identities. Prior to Rose, he worked for 10 years with Sir John Sorrell at Newell & Sorrell and then Interbrand as Creative Director, before leaving to partner Michael Wolff at strategic brand specialists The Fourth Room.

We're also pleased to welcome for the first time Sarah Boris, an award winning graphic designer and art director based in London with over 11 years experience. She was Associate Art Director at Phaidon Press until February 2015 and has since founded her eponymous design studio. Current clients include The Photographers' Gallery, an ongoing collaborator with who she has developed the publication 'Loose Associations' currently in its 4th issue.
Other notable projects include her redesign of the ICA's identity (launched in 2010 and still in use today), the design of the Alias book for Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, the design of the bestselling monograph of JR published by Phaidon and her recently published book: 'Le Théâtre Graphique'

Another new addition to the Fresh jury is Mark Denton from Coy. Mark is just getting the hang of advertising after 37 years playing around at it.He’s been a partner of a famous ad agency and the owner of a design company. He’s launched a magazine, re-launched Britain’s oldest advertising organisation and put on the UK’s first ever World Championship Mexican Wrestling event.

Other jobs include Knitting Digest’s premier paste-up artist, visualiser, art director, creative director and everything in between. He’s currently directing, designing and bossing people about at COY! Communications. Denton has produced winning work for Nike, Wrangler, Heineken, Levis, Greenpeace and many, many, many more. He really has won an obscenely large amount of awards. Especially if you count bronzes and certificates (and he does count them – regularly). Current projects include an exhibition and documentary on youth culture, and a range of leisure wear. But is he still available to shoot commercials? I hear you ask… you bet!

Also on board for the first time, despite having been invited lots of times before is Richard Flintham. Richard was on our target list from his days at Fallon. He started his careers at Butterfield Day Devito Hockney before moving to Duckworth Finn Grubb Waters. From there he went to BMP, where he worked on accounts such as Volkswagen, Sony, Doritos, the Labour Party, London Transport, and the Ministry of Sound. With lots of Awards to his name, Richard remains one of the most distinguished chaps in the industry and we look forward to welcoming him to Fresh.

David Hughes, describes himself as 'a graphic designer who happens to illustrate and is also new to the jury. David has by the look of Wikipedia, had an amazing career to date. We normally ask our judges for their bios, but being busy people they don't always respond, so now and again we have to resort to pinching the information we find online. David's is that long that we wouldn't know where to start, so please do read up and look on with envy. Wow!
No stranger to Fresh, but a first time on our jury is Craig Oldham. A Designer, Educator, Writer, Procrastinator, Artist, Publisher, Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Intervenor, Letter-writer, Theorist, Website-Up-Putter, Lamenter, Conspiracist, and Yorkshire man (living in exile).He’s worked with a lot of people you will have heard of, and a lot of people you probably haven’t. He’s won numerous awards, written some articles, featured in—and written—books, had work shown on TV shows and in newspapers, been in—and curated—exhibitions. 
He sits on committees, global awards juries, educational panels (and like everyone else, on chairs, seats and sofas) and is often rolled-out to speak at various design festivals, events, schools and universities and other design industry sewing circles.He drinks way too much tea, swears a touch, and wears weird shoes. Apparently.

And finally, we started with one legend and here is another to round off the Craft Jury, John Rushworth from Pentagram. John graduated in 1981 with a First Class Honours Degree in graphic design from Preston College of Art. He began his career with Michael Peters Ltd and then worked for Conran Design Group before joining Pentagram in 1983. In 1987 he became Pentagram’s first associate and in 1989 he was invited to become a partner in the firm.

Design consultant to Polaroid for over 12 years, he has also developed long-term relationships with further clients such as The Savoy Group, One&Only, Crafts Council, King’s College London and Egon Zehnder International, supporting the management of their brands world-wide. Other recent and current clients include Pantone, Disney, The National Museums of Scotland, The Museum of London, The Dorchester Group, Bulgari, Mothercare and Hewlett Packard.

John has exhibited posters in personal and collective shows worldwide, most recently in the US (New York Art Directors Club), Italy (AOSTA), and Israel (Tel Aviv Museum of Art). He has received many international awards including a Gold Medal at the Lahti Poster Biennale and D&AD Silver Awards. In 1995 John was elected a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) and he is currently an external assessor at Falmouth College of Art.

So Here & Now, we are telling you it's a tough jury to impress, but it will be so worth it if you win! 

What's Fresh? 17 October

We're pleased to see that entries are already starting to come in for the new look Fresh and we know its going to be a tough competition this year - especially as there are only 10 Awards up for grabs. And what rather lovely awards they are too - each specially made and casted in bronze but if we tell you any more here & now then we'll have to....well not kill you...but certainly swear you to all sorts of secrecy.

Its going to be incredibly interesting at judging as we will have a real battle on our hands with the calibre of each jury wanting their own disciplines to be featured in the final 10. And what amazing juries we have this year.

This week we'll take a look at our very impressive Design Jury which is chaired by Simon Elliott of Rose Design. Simon is one of the two creative partners at multi-award winning branding agency Rose in London. Their increasing international profile is growing through work in India, Russia and Europe. Their current UK clients include Art on the Underground, BAFTA, V&A, Bletchley Park, NPG, Science Museum, ENO and The Lanesborough. Rose are currently ranked in the Top 20 consultancies in the Creative Survey, featured in the Computer Arts Top 30, and were runner-up to Apple as D&AD's most awarded agency in 2014.
Joining Simon is Ben Christie, co founder and Creative Partner of Magpie Studio. 'At Magpie we strive for the perfect harmony between style and substance. I’m passionate about using big ideas to solve problems of all shapes and sizes."

We're also pleased to see back with Fresh, former D&AD president Mark Bonner. Mark graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1993 and worked at The Partners, Carter Wong & Partners and SAS before co-founding multi-disciplinary graphics group GBH In 1999.

Now 20 strong, GBH works internationally across disciplines solving communications problems for clients such as Apple, Puma, Royal Mail, Land Securities, Eurostar, Flos, Starck Network, SBE Entertainment, Virgin Galactic and Yotel.

GBH have consistently ranked within the UK’s top ten most creative design groups by awards won (DW Hot 100 Survey) since its foundation in 1999, reaching No 2 in 2007 and 2011. Mark won a Student Yellow Pencil in 1991 and four Professional D&AD Yellow Pencils between 2005 and 2011 and has received nine D&AD Silver Nominations, six Design Week Award wins including Best of Show in 2003 and a Silver Award at the New York Art Directors Club amongst others. 

Mark is a regular judge in industry awards schemes - eight times at D&AD - including a stint as chairman of the Donside Awards in 2004. Mark is also a regular visiting lecturer at Kingston, LCC and New Bucks Universities.

Rob Howsam is a Founding Partner and Executive Creative Director at Purpose and is also a welcome addition to our Design Jury. After serving his apprenticeship under industry greats – such as Mary Lewis, David Stuart, Aziz Cami and Greg Quinton – Rob established brand agency Purpose in 2003.

Highly experienced in brand identity design and brand building, Rob has helped a range of clients, from start-ups to super brands, to build their brands: Activate Learning, Air BP, Bedell Cristin, Bupa, Epson, Last Word, Nutrahealth, Orange and Virgin Atlantic.Rob’s work has been widely recognised in many International design award schemes and he has judged at D&AD, Fresh Awards and the New York Festivals.

Also back with us is Jim Sutherland. In 2001 Jim Sutherland co-founded Hat-trick Design, consistently one of the top three most awarded design agencies in the UK (and number one in 2011). He left in 2014 to set up Studio Sutherl&.
He has rebranded the Natural History Museum, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis, Land Securities, Williams F1, Prostate Cancer UK, National Museums Scotland, Welsh National Opera, and University of Westminster. He has designed over 50 stamps to date for Royal Mail. He led the design rosters for Land Securities and British Heart Foundation.
He has won over 150 professional awards. These include 78 projects in D&AD, with eight nominations and two yellow pencils: and 35 nominations in the Design Week Awards – twice Best in Show. He has judged D&AD eight times (as Foreman of the Branding Jury this year), as well as the Design Week, Loeries (SA), Kinsale, Roses, ADNC and Fresh Award schemes.
He has spoken at the Design Indaba in South Africa, the London Design Festival at the V&A, the Cheltenham Design Festival and Clerkenwell Design Week. He is a visiting Professor in Design at Norwich University of the Arts, and has given lectures at many UK universities. He recently ran a design workshop for the Sorrell Foundation. He was on the D&AD Executive board from 2009 to 2012 and a governor at Norwich School of Art between 2010 and 2014.
He has published several books, including a children’s book Hide&Eek!, which won a yellow pencil at D&AD in 2014. He is currently working on publishing projects in Spain, Switzerland and Brazil, and a book about Joy in Design.

Stuart Radford is also making a welcome return to our Design Jury. Stuart joined The Partners in 2011 and leads our London design team. He is currently leading branding programmes for London Symphony Orchestra, British Land, Averda and working on a number of projects for Investec Asset Management and its partner African conservation charity, Tusk Trust, amongst others.

Stuart started his career at Fitch, Radley Yeldar and HGV working with Diageo, Barclays, Royal Mail and Unilever. In 1999 he co-founded Radford Wallis where he gained a reputation for highly creative work for clients including Land Securities, The Design Council, Aviva, Ted Baker, Royal Mail and D&AD.

Stuart’s work has been widely recognised by DBA Effectiveness, Design Week, The Drum, Benchmark, New York Art Directors, Cannes Lions and the D&AD. Stuart has judged the student and professional D&AD Awards several times and has been involved with educational programmes for D&AD at Ravensbourne College and the Design Symposium North.
 Last but by no means least is Nick Finney, the co-founder and creative director of NB Studio, one of London’s most respected design agencies. 

He has over 20 years experience in the design industry. His first job was with designer Howard Brown and from there he joined Pentagram.

He has designed identity programmes, communications and marketing materials for clients like Almeida Theatre, Land Securities, John Lewis, TATE, Knoll and Channel 4. NB have received numerous design awards. Nick has given talks at universities and design events and his work has been published widely both in the UK and internationally.

So there you have it, a rather amazing design jury who will be tough to impress!

What's Fresh This Week? 26 September 2016

Welcome to another week and we wanted to remind everyone that Fresh is back, up and running and all we need now is you. Having thrown out the rule book there is a perhaps a little confusion about entries this year, especially in the PR and Media sectors so we thought it was time to clarify what we want, and how we want it!

Please do remember that there is no limit to the amount of entries you can submit for just one fee at Fresh:

  • £25.00 + vat Students/Members of the Public (who are not in full time employment in the Creative Sectors)
  • £100.00 + vat Freelancers, Boutique or Small Agencies/Shops, Start Ups or Consultancies under 5 Staff
  • £500.00 + vat Mid-Size Agencies & Independents
  • £1000.00 + vat Large Independent Agencies & Network Agencies
It's all about great ideas this time round, not huge budgets and as we have ditched the traditional categories associated with awards as a whole, we want to see just how innovative and creative any campaigns have been.

Firstly, we want to see your story in an infographic - paint us a picture of your campaign and we found a great example online from Embrace Disruption PR and this is your first opportunity to catch the attention of the judges and make your campaign eye catching and worth further investigating.

So please make it bright, colourful and packed with interesting facts and information about both the creative process you applied to the campaign and the core results. We know evaluation counts but we also want to see how your spectacular ideas have been and what impact they have made - especially if the idea was a tough sell to the client.

Gone are the days of 1000 word documents outlining every detail of your work, with objectives and outlines, executions and evaluations. Everything is instantaneous these days so make sure your infographic tells an amazing story in a snap shot and grabs the attention of our judges.

If you have done enough, then our judges will delve deeper into the supporting information we need, which is not cuttings and headlines as an attachment, but everything in a 12 slide deck - or power point for the uninitiated. 

Why 12 slides when most people consider the optimal number to be 12 - well your first one should be as equally attention grabbing as your infographic and from here it's 10 slides to support your entry - and make slide number 12 the wow, to leave a lasting impression.

Most awards are looking for the finer details but please don't try and cram a 1000 words into your Deck and start using font size 10 to get it all in! Use 30pt and make it as visually stimulating as you can.

So remember your vision and your proposition and keep it as simple as possible and remember to start by demonstrating the problem. Ideally, try and tell a relatable story when you are defining the problem. The more you can make the problem as real as possible, the more the judges will identify your thinking.

The look at your solution and your strategy - just how are you solving the campaign problem or aiming to meet any objectives? If possible, use pictures and stories when you describe your solution. Showing is nearly always better than telling.

If you need to, reference the competitive landscape and describe how you are doing things differently as remember Fresh is big on innovation.

Next, show us you approached your idea and what traction you implemented to keep the campaign or project going. Mention key milestones and keep is visually engaging. Impact is also key, what has this campaign had and any core success stories as a result.

The final thing to check, is that if you were viewing this for the first time, without any prior knowledge of the campaign, would you get it?
Think like one of our judges and remember that they need to be impressed from the very first second as winning work in Fresh this year is limited and each and every entry is competing not just in its own discipline, but against every different genre. 
So we hope this helps and we look forward to being suitably dazzled!

What's Fresh on 5 September 2016

We are back, as promised with a new look Fresh, new look website and even a new logo. It took a while to decide on how best to approach our new style awards and the main factor was to completely overhaul all of the traditional aspects associated with creative and communications industry awards.

No longer will ideas be pigeon holed and no longer will the awards be about big agencies, but rather big ideas. You may recall the statement that we put out a while ago, and whilst we have been busy behind the scenes, the sentiment remains.

Advertising, communication and design awards shows are becoming increasingly out of reach to all but those with the most money and the greatest resources.

As a result they are dominated by those whose sole aim is to improve their ranking in the Gunn Report and thus the size of their bonuses: yes, we’re talking about the big networks. Even worse than their domination though,,are the scam campaigns generated purely with the aim of winning awards.

League table points are great but only if you win them for the right reasons.

The major awards shows have become like the premier league; dominated by those with the deepest pockets able to buy influence and success.

Occasionally a little agency, the equivalent of a Leicester might briefly challenge the status quo. But you can guarantee the established order will soon be restored. At Fresh we want to provide a genuine alternative. 

A celebration of British creativity across all disciplines that is a genuine meritocracy. An awards show open to all.But dominated by none but the very best of British.Creative thinking.

The kind of creative thinking that transforms businesses and captivates the public.We are excited at repositioning fresh in this way and hope you will all continue to support us as much as you always have. 

We've a lot more to tell you over the coming weeks, including even more Fresh Adventures, news on some of our juries, guidelines on how to enter, and some rather exciting opportunities for new ideas in creativity.

For now though, its only been possible to get to this point with the help and support of some pretty amazing people including the great team at Big Dog, the brilliant minds at Uber and each of our respective jury chairs who have been corralling some top people for each of the juries.

Let's start afresh.