Here & Now

Happy New Year from Fresh!

Happy New Fresh Year everyone and let's make sure we kick start the new year in style, by celebrating the very Best of British.

British creativity remains centre stage in this our amazing nation and here & now we'd like to remind you that our deadline for entries this year is not that far away, just 19 January to get your work into the competition that extends beyond just the traditional advertising and design.

We truly want to ensure that we shout about the great creativity being produced in the UK and recognise the very people who are dreaming up and delivering great ideas on a daily basis. 

From innovative graffiti to effective advertising, superb screen and stage work to awe inspiring apps and from fashion to food, if its started here in the UK, then lets celebrate the great work and creativity of our wonderful and talented people.

In the UK, creativity is very much defined by its outside way of thinking and collaborations, be they standard or unusual. There are an estimated 1.2bn people on the planet , speaking or learning to speak English, and the UK has both a long history of international trade and a vibrant, multi-cultural population who understand the great opportunities this county has to offer.

This is not about Brexit, this about the UK and our fabulous skills in the the creative marketplace as we are really are the world leaders in everything from brilliant ideas to the baffling and wondrous.

You don't have to be a business to enter, you don't even have to work in the creative industries, but your ideas matter and count so even if you have had a cracker of an idea this last year then why not show it off and compete with some of the existing creative companies who like getting Fresh each year.

It truly will be a Happy New Year and let's make the Best of British our mantra for 2018. Check out the website for additional information.