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The Fresh Creative Awards : Best of British

Welcome back to Fresh and our new look and our new mission to make sure that the UK remains centre stage when it comes to creativity. 

The UK's creative industries continue to outgrow the rest of the economy, and in 2015 an astonishing £87.4bn was contributed to the value of the county and the drive to encourage more UK exports, including by creative businesses, continues as part of the GREAT Britain campaign.

The UK's creativity is defined by its willingness to embrace change, look at new ideas and welcome collaboration -and here at Fresh, we have for over a decade celebrated innovation and creativity in Advertising, Broadcast, Creativity, Communications, Design, Digital, Marketing, Media and Public Relations but the lines between these genres are increasingly blurred which is why last season we ditched our entry categories – why pigeon hole your creativity and ideas? 

In an ever-evolving world, our competition is also changing and Fresh 2018 wants to celebrate truly the best of British, keep our creative flag flying and ensure that the UK retains its position as the worldwide centre for astounding ideas and jaw dropping innovation. 

We’ve changed our top ten policy from last year (it didn't really work and we are all in need of a bloody good do) so let’s celebrate the best ideas and really go to town in finding the best and most creative ideas we can.

Yes, we are all about the red white and blue, but we are back to gold, silver and bronze and we will be adorning our winners in the following disciplines Advertising, Craft, Communications, Design, Experiential, Home Made, Innovation, Moving Images, Performance, Spacial and lastly the Weird & Wonderful. 

If you have anything at all that falls within our blurred genres we’d love to celebrate it with you – and even if it doesn’t, we still want to recognise the weird and wonderful. 

Great Judges (and the invitation are just going out), no categories, one fee covers unlimited entries, and a great event to look forward to. 

We are Great Britain. Are you the Best of British?