Here & Now

What's Fresh on 5 September 2016

We are back, as promised with a new look Fresh, new look website and even a new logo. It took a while to decide on how best to approach our new style awards and the main factor was to completely overhaul all of the traditional aspects associated with creative and communications industry awards.

No longer will ideas be pigeon holed and no longer will the awards be about big agencies, but rather big ideas. You may recall the statement that we put out a while ago, and whilst we have been busy behind the scenes, the sentiment remains.

Advertising, communication and design awards shows are becoming increasingly out of reach to all but those with the most money and the greatest resources.

As a result they are dominated by those whose sole aim is to improve their ranking in the Gunn Report and thus the size of their bonuses: yes, we’re talking about the big networks. Even worse than their domination though,,are the scam campaigns generated purely with the aim of winning awards.

League table points are great but only if you win them for the right reasons.

The major awards shows have become like the premier league; dominated by those with the deepest pockets able to buy influence and success.

Occasionally a little agency, the equivalent of a Leicester might briefly challenge the status quo. But you can guarantee the established order will soon be restored. At Fresh we want to provide a genuine alternative. 

A celebration of British creativity across all disciplines that is a genuine meritocracy. An awards show open to all.But dominated by none but the very best of British.Creative thinking.

The kind of creative thinking that transforms businesses and captivates the public.We are excited at repositioning fresh in this way and hope you will all continue to support us as much as you always have. 

We've a lot more to tell you over the coming weeks, including even more Fresh Adventures, news on some of our juries, guidelines on how to enter, and some rather exciting opportunities for new ideas in creativity.

For now though, its only been possible to get to this point with the help and support of some pretty amazing people including the great team at Big Dog, the brilliant minds at Uber and each of our respective jury chairs who have been corralling some top people for each of the juries.

Let's start afresh.