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What's Fresh This Week? 16 January 2017

Welcome to another week and this really is your last chance to enter as Friday is the final day we can accept entries online and your physical work must be with us no later than Monday 23 January.

Judging starts in earnest on Wednesday 25 January so the Fresh team will be spending all of Tuesday displaying all of the magnificent entries we have had in.

Just in case you wondered, as we have no categories this time round, judging is going to be very interesting this time round.

Every judge will have the opportunity to see every entry, irrespective of discipline and the Wednesday is when our judges review the entries and allocate them to their respective juries.

Thursday is the day when the judges really then get down to business and start to save those entries which they feel are strong - and remember we only have 10 awards in Fresh this year.

Friday, each jury will create a case to the rest of the judges for why work in their particular discipline should win and in the words of The Kaiser Chiefs iconic song, I predict a riot.

It is of course pretty hard to judge like for like when for example you are championing a cracking PR Entry against a brilliant TV Ad or beautifully designed brochure.

That's why it's been so important to get a fantastic set of judges in place so each can not only make an informed choice about the final 10 winners, but can also present their case with confidence to fellow industry professionals.

One thing is for sure though. If you are one of the final 10 winners, you can be exceptionally proud knowing that you have beaten off some pretty stiff competition and impressed some incredible people.

Good luck

Paula Kelsey, Fresh Founder