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What's Fresh This Week? 16 October 2017

So, the new website is up and running, the new disciplines have been added and we have now booked the venue for judging in January so all that remains is for us to get some amazing talent lined up for the jury.

When it comes to Advertising, Design, Moving Image and PR we don't feel like we will have too much trouble, but for some of the other disciplines this time around, we know that we will need to really discover the trailblazers and those making waves in theatre, in blogging and innovation. 

Being the Best of British is not to be taken lightly and if anyone can quite believe it, it's been five years since the London Olympics and the Jubilee when the Nation's patriotism really seemed in abundance. Now with everything post Brexit (and we are as fed up with mentioning Brexit as you re about hearing it we promise) there is a great opportunity to really shout about our enormous talent in creative industries.

However you voted, one thing is clear – Britain now has the opportunity to build a different kind of economy and one that pays homage to one its best strengths - and lets face it, we are pretty strong when it comes to talent in creativity from pop stars like Adele, to Directors like Danny Boyle. 

So our search is on. For if we are going to discover the innovators and game changers, the thought leaders and inventors, the talented, the professionals and the people whose work we can dare to dream of creating, we need astounding talented individuals of our own to judge. 

This is a little like Britain's Got Talent we guess, but better. This is not about show business or razzmatazz - this about giving those whose work is worthy a world stage on which to showcase their work and to make a different whilst flying the flag for the UK.

We're on it!