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What's Fresh This Week? 26 September 2016

Welcome to another week and we wanted to remind everyone that Fresh is back, up and running and all we need now is you. Having thrown out the rule book there is a perhaps a little confusion about entries this year, especially in the PR and Media sectors so we thought it was time to clarify what we want, and how we want it!

Please do remember that there is no limit to the amount of entries you can submit for just one fee at Fresh:

  • £25.00 + vat Students/Members of the Public (who are not in full time employment in the Creative Sectors)
  • £100.00 + vat Freelancers, Boutique or Small Agencies/Shops, Start Ups or Consultancies under 5 Staff
  • £500.00 + vat Mid-Size Agencies & Independents
  • £1000.00 + vat Large Independent Agencies & Network Agencies
It's all about great ideas this time round, not huge budgets and as we have ditched the traditional categories associated with awards as a whole, we want to see just how innovative and creative any campaigns have been.

Firstly, we want to see your story in an infographic - paint us a picture of your campaign and we found a great example online from Embrace Disruption PR and this is your first opportunity to catch the attention of the judges and make your campaign eye catching and worth further investigating.

So please make it bright, colourful and packed with interesting facts and information about both the creative process you applied to the campaign and the core results. We know evaluation counts but we also want to see how your spectacular ideas have been and what impact they have made - especially if the idea was a tough sell to the client.

Gone are the days of 1000 word documents outlining every detail of your work, with objectives and outlines, executions and evaluations. Everything is instantaneous these days so make sure your infographic tells an amazing story in a snap shot and grabs the attention of our judges.

If you have done enough, then our judges will delve deeper into the supporting information we need, which is not cuttings and headlines as an attachment, but everything in a 12 slide deck - or power point for the uninitiated. 

Why 12 slides when most people consider the optimal number to be 12 - well your first one should be as equally attention grabbing as your infographic and from here it's 10 slides to support your entry - and make slide number 12 the wow, to leave a lasting impression.

Most awards are looking for the finer details but please don't try and cram a 1000 words into your Deck and start using font size 10 to get it all in! Use 30pt and make it as visually stimulating as you can.

So remember your vision and your proposition and keep it as simple as possible and remember to start by demonstrating the problem. Ideally, try and tell a relatable story when you are defining the problem. The more you can make the problem as real as possible, the more the judges will identify your thinking.

The look at your solution and your strategy - just how are you solving the campaign problem or aiming to meet any objectives? If possible, use pictures and stories when you describe your solution. Showing is nearly always better than telling.

If you need to, reference the competitive landscape and describe how you are doing things differently as remember Fresh is big on innovation.

Next, show us you approached your idea and what traction you implemented to keep the campaign or project going. Mention key milestones and keep is visually engaging. Impact is also key, what has this campaign had and any core success stories as a result.

The final thing to check, is that if you were viewing this for the first time, without any prior knowledge of the campaign, would you get it?
Think like one of our judges and remember that they need to be impressed from the very first second as winning work in Fresh this year is limited and each and every entry is competing not just in its own discipline, but against every different genre. 
So we hope this helps and we look forward to being suitably dazzled!