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What's Fresh This Week? 3 January 2017

Happy New Year to all of the amazing people working in Advertising, Broadcast, Craft, Design, Digital, Media, PR and Communications. 

If you want to kick off your 2017 in style then what better way to start than by entering Fresh. 

We've worked really hard to make the awards completely different to any other programmes up and running in the UK including a simpler entry process, no categories to pigeon hole your creativity, fantastic judges and a platform that doesn't just allow the big boys to buy the results.

We want to change your perceptions and provide you with a real platform to be able to prove that not only is your work the very best of its kind, but also its truly the Best of British. We’ve taken down all of the usual barriers to entry, made the process simpler, altered the way we approach the programme and retained all of the good bits from Fresh. Our refresh is all about continued transparency, celebrating great work and our listen rather than lecture policy has been fundamental in bringing us to this new phase of Fresh. Welcome to the UK’s Best Creative Department. 

The deadline for entries is 13 January 2017 so if you have yet to discover how to make your New Year Fresh & exciting then now is the time, this is the here & now....