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What's Fresh This Week? 30 April 2018

Here at Fresh we are passionate about creativity in all disciplines and genres and our different brands recognise unique talent, fresh thinking and innovation, and with the increasing popularity of film and online video content, we are really enthusiastic about our new venture The Fresh Film Awards.
Celebrating everything from amazing ads to perfectly pitched product placement, this International Competition invites you to challenge our jury with your creativity. And a pretty amazing jury we have too, just take a look at the line up on the Awards site. 

Normally at Fresh when we have asked for category suggestions, especially when it comes to TV and Film, we get inundated. Categories for a 10 second ident that only features coffee is just one example, and in all fairness we couldn't really give everyone the opportunities to be recognised before in this genre, but now we can. 

If you think about some of our favourite TV staples such as the Great British Bake Off, you will know that Channel 4 poached the series for some £75m but it was a decent gamble as the first episode was watched by 11 millions viewers, a real scoop for Channel 4.

Lyle's Golden Syrup and Dr. Oetker both benefited as sponsors with some great creative idents throughout and although their product placement is not obvious, the brand association has been strong.

Product placement is no longer just about props used to make shows more realistic. It is now more about bespoke deals that mix on-screen exposure with tactical multichannel brand executions, and you only have to look at ITV - they have been running product placement in Coronation Street and Emmerdale for the past six years.

Most of us are very aware that when we talk about Product Placement, we tend to think about films and the brands that have been associated with them. For example, the appearance of Reese's Pieces in 'E.T.' increased Hershey's profits by over 65% following the release of the film, which is pretty impressive, and if you think about 'Castaway' with Tom Hanks, then you will automatically think about Fedex.

Staying with Mr Hanks, 'Toy Story's' inclusion of an Etch-A-Sketch boosted sales by an amazing 4,500% and Mr. Potato Head sales saw an 800% increase. Wow! 

More recent examples include companies like Quicken Loans Inc, making its debut on the big screen by landing a deal with Marvel Studios to place its Rocket Mortgage app in "Avengers: Infinity War."

The Detroit-based mortgage company's product placement occurs in the opening scene of the superhero movie, and is part of the company's co-branded television commercial featuring a woman walking down the street using the mortgage app, smiling and seemingly oblivious to the fiery mayhem taking place around her.

This is the sort of creativity that Fresh is looking to recognise with the Film Awards, so get online and get creative with your thinking. 

Product Placement isn't just about James Bond and Aston Martin anymore.... 

Entries close 20 June.