Here & Now

What's Frsh This Week? 7 November 2016

Along with ditching the categories and most of the boring criteria associated with awards, we've made a couple of additions as well including a change to judging at Fresh.

A couple of weeks ago we bought you up to date with the Design Jury and now its time to talk about the craft jury which is being chaired by Ben Casey from The Chase. Ben doesn't really need an introduction and unless you have been hiding under a rock within the industry, you will know Ben and his amazing reputation.

Joining Ben is Garry Blackburn from Rose Design. Garry specialises in helping brands create and develop enduring and memorable identities. Prior to Rose, he worked for 10 years with Sir John Sorrell at Newell & Sorrell and then Interbrand as Creative Director, before leaving to partner Michael Wolff at strategic brand specialists The Fourth Room.

We're also pleased to welcome for the first time Sarah Boris, an award winning graphic designer and art director based in London with over 11 years experience. She was Associate Art Director at Phaidon Press until February 2015 and has since founded her eponymous design studio. Current clients include The Photographers' Gallery, an ongoing collaborator with who she has developed the publication 'Loose Associations' currently in its 4th issue.
Other notable projects include her redesign of the ICA's identity (launched in 2010 and still in use today), the design of the Alias book for Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, the design of the bestselling monograph of JR published by Phaidon and her recently published book: 'Le Théâtre Graphique'

Another new addition to the Fresh jury is Mark Denton from Coy. Mark is just getting the hang of advertising after 37 years playing around at it.He’s been a partner of a famous ad agency and the owner of a design company. He’s launched a magazine, re-launched Britain’s oldest advertising organisation and put on the UK’s first ever World Championship Mexican Wrestling event.

Other jobs include Knitting Digest’s premier paste-up artist, visualiser, art director, creative director and everything in between. He’s currently directing, designing and bossing people about at COY! Communications. Denton has produced winning work for Nike, Wrangler, Heineken, Levis, Greenpeace and many, many, many more. He really has won an obscenely large amount of awards. Especially if you count bronzes and certificates (and he does count them – regularly). Current projects include an exhibition and documentary on youth culture, and a range of leisure wear. But is he still available to shoot commercials? I hear you ask… you bet!

Also on board for the first time, despite having been invited lots of times before is Richard Flintham. Richard was on our target list from his days at Fallon. He started his careers at Butterfield Day Devito Hockney before moving to Duckworth Finn Grubb Waters. From there he went to BMP, where he worked on accounts such as Volkswagen, Sony, Doritos, the Labour Party, London Transport, and the Ministry of Sound. With lots of Awards to his name, Richard remains one of the most distinguished chaps in the industry and we look forward to welcoming him to Fresh.

David Hughes, describes himself as 'a graphic designer who happens to illustrate and is also new to the jury. David has by the look of Wikipedia, had an amazing career to date. We normally ask our judges for their bios, but being busy people they don't always respond, so now and again we have to resort to pinching the information we find online. David's is that long that we wouldn't know where to start, so please do read up and look on with envy. Wow!
No stranger to Fresh, but a first time on our jury is Craig Oldham. A Designer, Educator, Writer, Procrastinator, Artist, Publisher, Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Intervenor, Letter-writer, Theorist, Website-Up-Putter, Lamenter, Conspiracist, and Yorkshire man (living in exile).He’s worked with a lot of people you will have heard of, and a lot of people you probably haven’t. He’s won numerous awards, written some articles, featured in—and written—books, had work shown on TV shows and in newspapers, been in—and curated—exhibitions. 
He sits on committees, global awards juries, educational panels (and like everyone else, on chairs, seats and sofas) and is often rolled-out to speak at various design festivals, events, schools and universities and other design industry sewing circles.He drinks way too much tea, swears a touch, and wears weird shoes. Apparently.

And finally, we started with one legend and here is another to round off the Craft Jury, John Rushworth from Pentagram. John graduated in 1981 with a First Class Honours Degree in graphic design from Preston College of Art. He began his career with Michael Peters Ltd and then worked for Conran Design Group before joining Pentagram in 1983. In 1987 he became Pentagram’s first associate and in 1989 he was invited to become a partner in the firm.

Design consultant to Polaroid for over 12 years, he has also developed long-term relationships with further clients such as The Savoy Group, One&Only, Crafts Council, King’s College London and Egon Zehnder International, supporting the management of their brands world-wide. Other recent and current clients include Pantone, Disney, The National Museums of Scotland, The Museum of London, The Dorchester Group, Bulgari, Mothercare and Hewlett Packard.

John has exhibited posters in personal and collective shows worldwide, most recently in the US (New York Art Directors Club), Italy (AOSTA), and Israel (Tel Aviv Museum of Art). He has received many international awards including a Gold Medal at the Lahti Poster Biennale and D&AD Silver Awards. In 1995 John was elected a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) and he is currently an external assessor at Falmouth College of Art.

So Here & Now, we are telling you it's a tough jury to impress, but it will be so worth it if you win!